There’s no shortage of choice!

The ordinary The ordinary

The ordinary lubricated condom. The lubrication facilitates penetration, reduces friction and the risk of tearing.

The sperminator The sperminator

A condom with spermicide is not recommended to protect yourself from STIs, but as a method of contraception. Spermicide may cause irritations that facilitate transmission of STIs.

The «skinny» The «skinny»

Light and thinner, this condom provides contact that feels almost natural and is as tear resistant as other condoms.

The “tough” The “tough”

A thicker condom. It’s sides offer better resistance to tears, particularly for anal intercourse.

The “nature” The “nature”

The ordinary, non lubricated condom, useful for oral intercourse.

The “form-fitting” The “form-fitting”

This condom is fitted at the end of the penis, which strengthens it and provides more comfort for circumcised men.

The “fat” The “fat”

This has a broader tip, which offers more comfort to uncircumcised men because it allows the prepuce to move.

The ice box The ice box

The biggest condom.

The gourmet The gourmet

A lubricated condom with added flavour. There are several lubricant flavours.

The coloured The coloured

A condom in a range of colours.

The “sensational” The “sensational”

Some condoms have ridges, textures or latex pearls to stimulate the erogenous zones of both men and women.

The hypoallergenic The hypoallergenic

A condom with no latex made out of polyisoprene constituting a replacement solution for people who suffer from allergic reactions when using traditional condoms.

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