There are several methods of contraception that - each in its own way - prevent pregnancy. Your school or CLSC nurse is the best person to talk to about contraception. She will suggest various methods and together, you’ll choose the one that suits you best. It’s important to use a method of contraception that corresponds to your lifestyle. In addition, both partners should be involved in choosing a contraceptive method because it concerns boys as much as girls. The costs involved can also be shared...

If you are 14 or older, your parents’ authorization is not required for you to receive health car or medical prescriptions.

If you want to find out about the various methods of contraception, go to the website Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre..

Getting help

To get a screening test

  • Call Info-Santé 8-1-1
  • Talk it over with the nurse in your school or CLSC
  • Talk it over with your doctor


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