The right way to protect yourself

The condom is always the best option

The condom is the technique of choice because it prevents both unwanted pregnancy and transmission of most sexually transmitted infections (STI). What’s more, it is affordable, easy to use and to carry around with you.

The condom: how to use it so that it opens up properly

It’s true that the condom is highly reliable as a means of contraception and as protection from STIs. But you have to use it right, i.e. from start to finish of sexual intercourse. Here is an illustrated guide that will teach you the art of using a condom.

1. Open the packet

2. Check in which direction the condom is to be pulled out to its full length

3. Remove any air from the tip of the condom by applying light pressure

4. Pinch the tip and roll out the condom to the base of the penis

5. Enjoy yourself

6. Remove the penis by holding the condom at its base

7. Remove the condom

8. Throw the condom away

Instructions on how to make best use of a condom

  • Buy the condom that suits you
  • Check the expiration date on the box
  • Always have a condom with you
  • Use a water-based or silicon-based lubricant (avoid any oil-based or petroleum jelly-based substance)
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